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Crafting Your Success: Exceptional Construction Estimation Services

At Bid Crafting, we take immense pride in being a team of exceptional professionals dedicated to providing top-notch construction estimating services. Our primary goal is to help you secure successful bids for a wide range of projects, including public/open shop, residential, and commercial endeavors. With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment, we offer an array of services, including accurate labor and material estimates, meticulous material takeoffs, efficient project management, value driven solutions and much more.

Our Services

Empowering Your Public Bids

We excel in empowering your construction project bids through accurate estimation services. Estimating plays a pivotal role in the construction process, as it involves forecasting the likely cost of a project by carefully considering all required materials and labor. Our specialized services not only instill confidence in contractors during the bidding process but also provide clients with a precise understanding of their project's overall cost

Precise Commercial Bidding Estimates

We specialize in delivering precise bid estimates for commercial construction projects. As a company dedicated to the art of commercial project bidding, we comprehend the paramount significance of accurate estimations. Our expert team takes pride in offering comprehensive and detailed bid estimates tailored to all types of commercial construction ventures.

Elevate Your Residential Project

We take pride in offering top-notch bid estimates for residential construction projects. When you choose us as your bidding partner, rest assured that you will receive the best value for your investment. Our bid estimates are meticulously crafted to empower you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Role of Material Suppliers

In the realm of construction cost estimation, material suppliers stand as invaluable partners, particularly when clients have limited knowledge about material quantities required for their projects. At Bid Crafting, we recognize the vital role material suppliers play in providing valuable insights and advice. They offer indispensable guidance on the types and quantities of materials needed, enabling clients to make informed decisions with confidence.

Role of Manufacturers

We recognize the vital role that manufacturers play in construction cost estimation. As key partners in the process, manufacturers bring invaluable insights to the table, assisting clients in determining the precise quantity of materials required for their projects. Their expertise ensures that clients receive accurate estimates, enabling effective planning and budgeting.

Expert UFC Estimation Services

We excel in delivering top-quality estimation services in accordance with United Facilities Criteria (UFC). Our specialized expertise in UFC cost estimation is driven by the understanding that precision is paramount for successful project planning and execution. Swift Turnaround Our fast turnaround time gives you more time to study our precise estimates and compare them with quotes from subcontractors/suppliers. Make informed decisions with confidence. Know More. Expert Technical Support

Why Choose Us

Our fast turnaround time gives you more time to study our precise estimates and compare them with quotes from subcontractors/suppliers. Make informed decisions with confidence. Know More.
We prioritize your needs and offer expert technical support to address your queries. Our team of estimators is always ready to assist you. Simply schedule a time, and we’ll be there to discuss and provide solutions that empower your construction projects. Your success is our commitment.
We understand the significance of accurate pricing in the ever-changing market landscape. Our estimates are not only reliable but also highly competitive, considering the current volatility and price instability. With our precise pricing, you gain a significant advantage, increasing your chances of winning bids and achieving success in your construction endeavors.

Construction Estimate & Quantity Takeoff

How to get started with us.

1. Submit Your Drawing Plans

Upon receiving your drawing and specifications, we will generate a quote that encompasses the invoice, turnaround time, and delivery date. We accept Pdf format, and your plans can be in various formats such as bid set, schematic, design development, construction document, or conceptual drawings. You can share your plans with us through a Dropbox link or portal link, or you can attach the file on the contact page and provide us with complete details by filling out the form.

2. Get A Quote

After reviewing your plans, we will promptly provide you with a quote. If you agree to the quote, you can pay the invoice using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Our team will then commence work on your project.

3. Get Estimate

You will be provided with an estimate that includes the quantities and pricing for all materials and labor. Our estimate and takeoff sheet will be delivered in EXCEL format, using either our template or the client’s template, as requested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Material takeoffs are available in PDF and Excel formats. It contains a list of all the materials and tasks needed for the project. Each item is listed division by division and is referenced with the specific drawing from which the quantity is calculated.
Send us the project plans and drawings along with your takeoff and estimate needs to receive a free quote that includes costs and a turnaround time. After the proposal has been approved, we will send you an online-payable invoice.
The project’s cost is determined by the size of the project and the scope of work involved, which can range from $100 to $10,000. For a single-trade residential project, the cost is approximately $100. However, if the project involves all trades, from the groundwork to the finishes, the estimated cost could be around $800. Additionally, for multi-story commercial building projects, the estimated cost could be as high as $8,000.
No, we don’t charge for reviewing plans before placing an order. We offer this service as a courtesy to our customers and to ensure that we can meet their expectations and specifications.
The size, complexity and scope of the project determine our turnaround time, which can be anywhere between 3 and 12 working days. We avoid taking on rush jobs because they affect the quality of our work.
Our services are available in the USA only.
We use Planswift and Bluebeam for estimation
A construction cost estimate is a necessary part of the planning process for any construction project. It gives the client or owner an idea of the likely cost of the project, based on the scope of work and the current market conditions.
Pre-bid and post-bid meetings are part of the services we offer. These meetings help us communicate clearly with everyone involved in the project and prevent any misunderstandings, delays or extra costs.
It is challenging to give a precise response because the closure rate and the number of jobs won as a result of estimates depend on the particular conditions of the client and how they choose to modify their overhead and profit percentages. According to our experience, however, we can estimate that on average, our clients have a respectable chance of getting 1 out of every 4 jobs they submit bids for using our services, with profit margins that satisfy their expectations.
Construction cost estimation is the process of predicting the cost of building a physical structure. Accurate cost estimation is important because it allows developers to know how much money they need to raise, and it also allows them to determine whether a project is feasible.
Estimators use a variety of methods to calculate the expected costs, including material pricing lists, square footage calculations, and assembly time standards. They also take into account the unique circumstances of each project, such as the location, climate, and type of construction.
One common mistake is failing to account for all of the costs associated with the project. For example, many estimators only Include the cost of materials and labour in their estimates. However, there are numerous other costs that must be considered, such as the cost of permits and inspections. Another mistake is failing to take into account the difficulty of the project. Finally, many estimators do not allow for contingencies.
The estimator should get involved as early as possible in the process so that he or she can accurately assess the scope of the work and identify potential problems. By staying involved and informed, the estimator can help to ensure that the construction project stays on track and on budget.
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