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At Bid Crafting, our expert estimators believe that we must structure our estimates plans in such a way that no material is ordered extra so nothing goes to waste. 

Each and every aspect of estimation is seen as extraordinary and understand that everything requires an interesting methodology. With the utilization of the most recent programming innovations in estimation, our master estimators cautiously evaluate the drawing and designs and plan precise site work departures of material and work alongside worker hours. Every single other factor like construction gear, protection, coordination’s, security, grants, and so on are additionally considered.

We can easily provide estimates for:

  • 03 4840 – Concrete Countertops
  • 04 4900 – Stone Countertops
  • 06 0560 – Plastic Laminates
  • 06 4700 – Wood Countertops
  • 06 6620 – Cultured Marble
  • 06 6640 – Solid Surfacing
  • 08 8880 – Glass Countertops
  • 09 3000 – Tile
  • 12 3650 – Laboratory Countertops
  • 22 4850 – Specialty Sinks and countertops

We create our plans by keeping all aspects in mind (especially the hidden costs) and all other general cost estimates required for a project takeoff.

Head over to Bid Crafting, the experts will make sure that you are given the right measurements in order to know exactly the amount of materials you will need.

At Bid Crafting, we help you win.